Journey · Reflection

Time Management

In time management it is advised that we need to prioritise. We might have so much to do in our limited time. Time is one of our resources and it is always limited. To prioritise, we have to know what is important and what is urgent. Then the 4 quadrants are created; important urgent, important not urgent, not important urgent and not important not urgent. You might have heard this many times. But how far have you succeeded in your time management?

Do you know what is important that you really need to focus on? It is to know what is really important for your career, your happiness, your future, your family and your life. You might really need to ask this question to yourself. If you do not know, no one else will know it. This is the first step to manage your time. If we are not clear enough with what is important and what is not important, we will become less focused. Only when you know what is important for your life, you then can decide in which area you have to invest your time, thought, energy and money. Time, thought, energy and money are your treasures. All are limited. Never waste your treasure. Use it in a worth while way.

I feel time passes so fast. We can not control time, we can not save time either. We don’t manage time. We manage what is important for our life before time passes.

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