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The Wise Self

We have three personalities within us. The arrogant I, the depressed I and the real I. We keep in an oscillation between the arrogant I and the depressed I most of the time. One moment we might think “I am good. I am better than other people. I know better. I am more experienced…..” and the next moment we might think “I am not valued. I am not good enough. I can’t handle this situation. I am small. I am weak….”. We are fluctuating from high to low constantly.

Pause a moment. Can you listen a voice from within you? It might be very soft. But try to listen to it. When you need to make a very important decision, you might need to decide what to do or what not to do. There might be several choices. You might need a clarity at that moment. This voice is trying to give you clarity. It is trying to help you and guide you. This voice in fact is the real you, your conscience, the wise self. It always tells you the truth. Listen to it.

So when you write your journal, make sure that you are sitting on the seat of the real I. Write what she says to you. Let her speak to the arrogant you or the depressed you. She is your wise advisor.

5 thoughts on “The Wise Self

  1. Thank you my wise friend👏
    Thank God I am never or rarely depressed. And I had what could be called – Intellectual Pride; got over it many years back after paying a heavy price; but it still pops up now and then☺️
    I am not what I think I am
    I am not what you think I am
    But we are still each other’s reflection 😇
    Listening to our inner self is so very important. But for that we need to be deaf to the voices of the world

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