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How to write a journal that heals

Someone has asked me how to write a journal and what to write. She said that her son wanted to start writing journal on his frustrating situation. I always share to everyone on how journaling has helped me so much, especially to heal my frustration. This has made me think of some aspects on journaling. I never learned how to write a proper journal. Basically when I am journaling, I just write what is in my heart and release the thoughts and the feelings I have in my mind and my heart. So I only could share based on my own experience.

I advised her to encourage him to write the situation that was frustrating him, as it is the background of his frustration. And then to write the feelings. And the last step is to write the expectation created in the mind before the situation happened. Because emotions in the form of anger, fear or sadness are usually caused by an unmet-expectation. You need to be very open and honest while you are journaling. Be open and honest to your self.

You will heal yourself very quickly when you do this.

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