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Working on Ego

A friend of mine texted me “congratulations on working on your ego” , after reading one of my posts in this blog. I was not so sure what he said congratulation for. I realised that most of my posts are of my own reflection. Sometimes I write something embarrassing such as a stupid mistake I made or when I am dealing with my ego.

When you start dealing with your own ego, you are actually working on the hurts, the ugly sides of yourself. Sometimes it creates a feeling of bossiness or arrogance. Sometimes it also creates feeling of fear, having no value, no importance, etc. Then we feel so embarrassed. It is really an uncomfortable feeling. This is why some people say it is too scary to see the self, because of having too many hurts and scars and being too ugly.

Then my friend said “It is so reflective. It has become your writing style.”

2 thoughts on “Working on Ego

  1. You know there are many levels of ego too! Gross and Subtle and many in between.
    If we understand ego we understand life. You seem to be doing good 👍🏾

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