How to silence the mind

Why is it very difficult to make the mind silent? The mind is not still. It keeps wandering from one thought to another thought. The heart is not experiencing peace. Peace is experienced when the mind is still. The body is still when the mind is still. We are now living in a very noisy world. The atmosphere has become so noisy. There is so much noise in the mind, an internal noise. A retreat might be required to silence the mind.

God doesn’t live in this noisy world. it is said that God lives in the abode of peace, where all the souls come from. He is always peaceful. God is in silence the most. Why? He understands everything. He can accept everything. He doesn’t need to ask anything. Human beings question a lot because they have many things that they don’t understand. What happens? Why something happens? How does it happen? When is it going to happen? These questions of what, why, how and when are constantly occupying our minds. The mind is constantly questioning. It definitely creates worries and fear in the heart. Until you have the right understanding of life fully, you will not experience a peaceful mind. Learn this from God. Learn how to silence the mind. Learn how to be peaceful.

11 thoughts on “How to silence the mind

  1. Dear SotH, you have a beautiful writing style, and a gentle personality shines out from behind your words. unfortunately it come from a place I cannot go. This is the second post of yours that I am reading, but I fear it must be the last. I would not want to bring discord to such a quiet place. Take care, and enjoy your life. Peace be with you.

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      1. Oh, I love quiet places, and yours is very special, but I cannot abide the religious undertone. I am a spiritual atheist, I do not believe in souls. And it is my disbelief I do not want to bring to your blog. Otherwise I think we could be good friends, but in my experience it doesn’t work well, for which I am sorry.

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