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You are the CEO of your life

If your life is a company, then you are the CEO. You only want to make profit for your company, not loss. You will hire professionals to create profit. They are those who will bring value to your company. They will contribute their best to your company. You will conduct a performance review annually. You give a good salary increment for the excellent performers, you promote them. On the contrary, you demote those who didn’t perform well. You even terminate them and release them from your company. You will only keep good people working with you.

Similarly, you need to evaluate the people in your life. Then promote, demote or terminate. You know those who bring value to your life and those who don’t. You know who contribute their best and those who bring loss. You are the CEO of your life.

6 thoughts on “You are the CEO of your life

  1. Little do people know…we ARE our own CORPORATIONS. That is what YOUR NAME means, when you see it in all capital letters.

    Wonderful post. Thank you.

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