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Do you drink coffee?

I know many people are really coffee lovers. I should say some of them are experts at coffee. I also remember one of my colleague is really addicted to coffee so he always has a cup of coffee to start the day. It becomes his moodbooster for the day. I don’t drink coffee much, only occasionally and it would be a decaf one.

Very recently I met someone who never drinks coffee nor tea in her life. Not even once! She said that when she was small, her parents used to say that coffee and tea were not for children and when she grew up she chose not even to have a try. She gave me a very interesting reason and I really like it. She said that she decided not to have a try because she didn’t want to develop it as a habit. She doesn’t want to create a mental attachment to a particular drink or food. For this, I would agree. When something has become a habit, it is not easy to break it. The mind is craving.

If you have the habit of having a particular drink, definitely you put your heart into it because you enjoy it. You invest your heart in it. And what happens if for some reasons you don’t have one or you can’t have one? My colleague once said to me that he would get a headache without having a cup of coffee in the morning. When we were on a trip together, I saw him restless. He couldn’t concentrate.

11 thoughts on “Do you drink coffee?

  1. I love coffee. I enjoy tea. Hot Cocoa is a given.
    For me, coffee is a comfort, like a hug I give myself with that morning cup.
    On the other hand, my husband does not like any hot beverage and has never drunk coffee… but he had a wicked coca-cola addiction that got so strong when he weaned himself off soda, he got horrible headaches.
    I suppose too much of anything is bad for you…

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  2. Years ago, I discovered that I could drink two amounts of coffee: too much or none. After several tries, I went with none. Tea, oddly enough, doesn’t seem to work that way for me.

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  3. Headache from lack of coffee is a sign of caffeine withdrawal. I love my coffee and will purposely abstain and “detox” from the caffeine, about once a year.

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