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A heart-to-heart sharing

Someone asked me to moderate a panel discussion last year. I don’t remember the topic of the discussion specifically anymore. I think it was about having self respect and maintaining humility at the same time. There would be two speakers. I prepared a list of questions the night before for the discussion.

In the next morning I thought I would like to talk to each speaker and share the list of the questions. The first speaker said : ”You can ask me anything.” She didn’t want to see the list. I thought it was good for me, so I could ask any question. Then I talked to the second speaker. He wanted to read the list. He went through the questions one by one and he asked me to take out one question from the list. It was a very personal question. I asked them to share their personal stories on maintaining their humility while dealing with difficult people. Whether they succeeded or not, it wouldn’t matter. I realized that not everyone found it easy and comfortable to share an honest story about themselves.

We always could learn from other’s story. I believe that we can learn more from someone’s experience than just from information. Infomation is a theory and experience is a practice. Because experience is coming from the heart so it will inspire people more. Sharing an experience is always much better than sharing an information. It is a heart-to-heart sharing.

4 thoughts on “A heart-to-heart sharing

  1. I agree with you. Heart to heart exchanges have the ability to change lives. When we learn from other’s mistakes or successes – we grow ourselves. It is my personal belief that God designed our lives in such a way that we are always on a different part of our journey. This way – we can learn from each other along the way. Our journeys are different – yet so many emotions can be shared with likeness.

    What you may be strong in, I may be weaker. Or vice versa. It’s a beautiful thing really to share your learning experiences with another. We become much better people when we accept the call to grow, change and evolve into better human beings each and every day. Humility is one of the keys to success. 🙂

    Many blessings to you & yours! ♥ ~ Holly

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