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You can’t copy an experience

I remember when I started sharing some thoughts through short journals via WhatsApp to friends and contacts, very soon I started hearing from them a question why I did not start writing a book or creating a blog. This blog was not created at that time. Some said “Someone may copy your idea (story) if you just share it freely.” I thought what I had been writing and sharing to people were more about my personal experience. How could people copy a personal experience? I think it is not possible. In the beginning very often some people asked me if they could share it to their families and contacts or not. And I always said “Sure, you can.” I let them share it in whatever way the wanted to share it. My mission was to share it to as many people as possible. And my mission stays the same until this very day.

I have no worry if someone copies my thoughts. I believe that no one can ever copy an experience. Because an experience is always individual. It is never the same. In this way I free myself from any fear or worry.

7 thoughts on “You can’t copy an experience

  1. I agree. Many writers hold back because they are so scared of plagiarism, when instead they should be terrified of obscurity instead.

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  2. You are so right. No person can take away something that you have personally experienced. It belongs to you. You can share it but nobody can steal it from you. It’s yours to keep forever and always.


  3. I was chatting with a friend who’s finding reasons not to share his creativity. Of course people copying was part of his argument. I had the same argument as you. But I got over it by realizing all I was really doing was holding myself back. I will be sharing this with him. Thank you for posting. 😁🌴

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