The teacher is called Coronavirus

What do you learn from this coronavirus outbreak? If you are infected by this virus, I am sure that you learn a lot while you are going through your medication and treatment. Whether we are infected or not, we have to deal with our fear and worries caused by this virus. The virus is very tiny and invisible yet it scares everyone. It has creates worries and fear in everyone.

It definitely teaches us something. We might have to make a shift in our life, in physical level, mental level or spiritual level. We might realise some truth. Coronavirus might have become our teacher, the hardest one. We are all students. This might be one of the hardest lessons these days. Noone can escape from this lesson. You need to pay a full attention to the teacher. Listen to the teacher very well. Undertsand what the teacher is trying to teach. Don’t be afraid while taking the lesson. Be alert but don’t be afraid. Stay calm.

4 thoughts on “The teacher is called Coronavirus

  1. So so many people report they’ve found it a real wake up call. Their lives have slowed right down which makes them question the way every living moment is packed to the hilt with… what? At the time it felt important but now it’s stripped away, it feels much less important that it did at the time. An undue pressure even.
    What interests me more is whether people will just jump back in out of habit when lockdown is over, or whether we might lead slightly less packed lives. A bit more simply.

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  2. I’m an extremely positive person. At first I was scared, of getting it, and of loved ones getting it. Then I thought back to what my Grandmother often said, “When your time is up, your time is up.”

    During the down time I looked back and realized that if my time was/is up, I’ve had an incredible life. I became a writer. My latest book is in Barnes & Noble. I married my soul mate and have had wondrous experiences along the way, both on the physical and metaphysical plane.

    While fortunate to not have to worry about money, what COVID19 took from me were several speaking engagements, which I worked so hard to book. Public speaking is an art form and I miss it!

    At first I saw it as a loss and said that instead I’d concentrate on writing my next book. After the first week I lost momentum. So I told myself, I’m treating lock-down as a summer vacation. Think about it, when you’re a teenager, before you get your car, you’re basically stuck at home. And that never bothered me. So, during this time I’ve been listening to records, watching movies, reading books. I have such an extreme peace. I only go out to get food once or twice a week. That’s when it’s scary because people are panicking. But in my own bubble, it’s been a beautiful, spiritual, experience. When the world gets back to “normal” I think I’m going to extend my lock-down for an extra week. To me, it would be like extending a fast.

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