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How to replenish your energy

Some have shared their thoughts on how to replenish the energy that have been used. Thank you. Walking in nature, enjoy the sunshine, the ocean, the blue sky, the moon, the stars, the trees, flowers, the fresh air. I have to agree with this. Nature seems to have the hidden energy and as soon as we open ourselves and connect to it, the energy flows to us. It is transferred to our soul. The soul is recharged.

Human being has two dimensions – physical (body) and spiritual (soul). Doing some activities that replenish the energy used for both (body and soul) is necessary. If you make time for an exercise for the body, then you should make time for your soul. If you make sure to have enough nutrition intake and enough rest for the body, then you should also make sure to have enough good thoughts for the soul during the day. Thought is food for soul. The soul is nurtured by good thoughts. Good thoughts will generate good feelings. Make time for this. When the energy of the soul is replenished, you will be emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

2 thoughts on “How to replenish your energy

  1. Nature brings a lot of restorative qualities we all love! I personally enjoy having loving families, having friends that feel good & will turn your life around with their thoughts & also having God in my life who is my best friend. Thanks for following my blog & hope you will come back to learn more! I have 2 blogs going: lynnsblogs & healthywaystolive. If interested, they have a lot of good in them!

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