Ignore what people say about you

How much do you pay attention to what people think about you? For what you are wearing, for what you are eating or not eating, for what you have or what you don’t have, for what you are doing and also for what you are not doing?

How much do you free yourself from people’s opinion about you? Is people’s opinion about you bothering you? You can not stop what people think about you. It is not in your control. Why should you be bothered? You are responsible for what you are putting into your mind. You are not responsible for what they are creating in their mind about you. Don’t get bothered by what they are creating. Just be genuine to yourself.

It is very liberating when you can free yourself from people’s opinion about you. You will experience your inner peace very easily. Sometimes ignorance is a bliss.

3 thoughts on “Ignore what people say about you

  1. Very well said! One of my favorite sayings goes, “What other people think of you is none of your business.” It is so important to keep this in perspective, especially when your thoughts resemble rumination or paranoia.


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  2. Very beautifully and thoughtfully penned down 👍
    Truly, the weight of one’s opinion and what one thinks about you is only as much as you allow it to be. Imbibing the art to ignore what other people think about you is one of the greatest paths to inner peace.
    Keep writing! Awaiting your next post…

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