Developing an attitude of gratitude

Developing an attitude of gratitude is really the way to happiness. If you want to make yourself happy right now, you need to develop this attitude. Be grateful for everything you have with you. List down everything you have right now that you are grateful for – health, job, family, friends, good relationship, some skills, food, clothes, house, vehicle etc. Many people do not have what you have right now. Many people out there are struggling for what you have.

Be grateful for what is with you now. Don’t wait till they are gone and you can only appreciate it whe it is already gone. It will be too late. There will be only regret.

If you focus on what you have, your heart will become content. A contented heart is a happy heart. To be grateful is to be happy. So don’t postpone your happiness till you get what you want to get. Be happy right now.

Don’t think too much of what you do not have right now. Don’t let it steal your happiness.

Can you write a list of what you are grateful for right now?

6 thoughts on “Developing an attitude of gratitude

  1. A very thoughtful post on a pertinent topic! 👍
    Gratitude is truly the fairest blossom which springs our soul and serves as a catalyst to our happiness… Really liked the post
    Keep writing! Awaiting your next post…

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  2. Having an attitude of gratitude can be very powerful, and it is within our grasp to choose. It equips us to overcome the inevitable and somewhat difficult obstacles we encounter along this journey we call life. Yes, a great reminder any time of the year. Thank you. ⚘

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