Live like you are broke

We have come to the end of January and we are going to leave it very soon. I feel new year was just yesterday. Time flies so fast. Do you think so?

I am going to write about a resolution. A new year resolution. New year has passed, but I think it is still valid to talk about it. If I don’t have made one on the 1st January, I would not feel bad about it. I free myself to make it anytime during the year. I also free myself to make some revision on what I have made. Anyway it is all for me and what I am going to do with me and my life.

Do you have any fear in life? What is your biggest fear? If someone asks me this question, I can give my honest answer very quickly. My biggest fear is to become broke. I am afraid of having no money and I can’t afford buying anything I need. I think being broke really sucks. Sometimes I feel embarrased when I am sharing this to people. But I think to feel embarrased also means to have another fear. So I decided to just share it.

One of my last year resolutions was to live like I was broke. Let me live like I am broke before I really become broke. I remembered one of the Buddhist teachings that relates to this. It says ‘Die before you die. When you die, you don’t die’.  It is very enlightening, isn’t it? So I set myself to become like I was broke in spending. I tried my best to be less spending. I know some people are having no spending challenge. I think this is a cool idea. No spending week or no spending month or even no spending year.

When I just made this resolution I shared it to a friend, she looked shocked hearing this from me. I still remember her expression on her face, but it was not the first time for me to make her shocked.

Mindful Spending

I learned one thing from having this resolution last year, I became more aware of the value of money. I became more mindful in spending.

6 thoughts on “Live like you are broke

  1. ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ I Have Gone The Other Way EveryOne; “money” has as much interest (pun intended) to me as Monopoly; as for “fear” being a divorcee I AM Very, Very, Very “fearful” of The BBG (Big Brave Girl) Turning Up after 36 years since We First Met, SHE!!! is Really in Love with Money so I AM Concerned that SHE!!! is NOT!!! in Love with Me yet I Would Love and Live with Her destitute, homeless and “broke” because We Would Find Our Way

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


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  2. It is good to have a budget that you follow that allows you to spend within your means. But you could take it one step further and express gratitude for everything that comes into your life. That simple practice acts like a magnet drawing in more good into your life.

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  3. A great post of yours , thank you for bringing up this in a way touchy subject. I have lived in fear of financial issues not having enough money to pay my rent every months. Yet the last difficult year living that fear has taught me , to embrace what I have and trust what will come, instead of burying my head in the pillows every night. Once I realized that things came to me. I guess what I’m saying is that developing trust has become very helpful. I wish you the Best.

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  4. Am very frugal with money and save more than I spend. But the way prices are rising and thinking about how easy it is to go broke – it can become a fear. I hope never to be homeless or broke. We all have fears and they are often hard to overcome.

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