Dealing with your empty heart

Can a heart become empty? Sure. Have you experienced your heart empty? How did you feel it? You did not like it, did you?

An empty heart is constantly craving for love from people.

When my heart is empty, I will expect someone to fill it with love. I am craving for love constantly until my heart is full. Love is the energy that is needed by the heart. The energy to live. Noone can live without this energy. And when someone gives me love, because my heart is empty, I will become selfish with that love. All I can think is that ‘You are loving me. You are supporting me. You are caring for me.’ At the same time I am creating fear in my heart. Fear of losing the person who gives me love, the source of my love. When there is fear, love won’t exist. Because love exists in the absence of fear. Both can not exist at the same time.

If you want to free yourself from craving for love from people, what you need to do is to deal with your empty heart. Make it full with love. Do you know how to make your heart full? You heart has the capacity to generate love. So do it. Learn this skill to generate love from within and make your heart full with love till stop craving for love. You will stop expecting love from anyone. You won’t create a dependent love on someone. You will keep giving love instead and stop creating fear.

6 thoughts on “Dealing with your empty heart

  1. I’ve heard the adage that if you want to feel better about yourself the best way is to help someone else, which as I understand is why many people do volunteer work.

    Likewise, when we feel love for others and show it, those feelings are reciprocated when the other person feels the same way. However that isn’t always enough to fill the empty feeling.

    When we feel empty we need to focus on building our own self worth, teaching ourselves to first like and then to love ourselves! This feels strange to do at first because we may not be accustomed to speaking nicely to ourselves without being harsh and judgmental. Our negative self talk depletes us, makes us feel anxious and depressed, while positive thoughts and words lift us up! This takes practice to do but it’s worth it!

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