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What do you miss in your office?

This pandemic has changed almost every aspect of our life. If you are working in an office, you might notice some changes made to adapt to the situation. Everbody has adopted a new norm.

In my office, we are not allowed to have our breakfast or lunch in the pantry. This is to practice a physical distancing. The pantry is designed like a cafe, so we used to enjoy being there. It had become a place for socializing among colleagues. Some also enjoyed having a meeting there, more casual. We also have to bring our own utensils. Some colleagues start bringing their lunch boxes from home. It is considered to be safer than having it from the nearest restaurant or food court nowadays. And I also noticed some consider having lunch in their cars. is a choice while the pantry is closed.

To bring your own lunch from home is considered to be a safe choice.

In fact I have been doing both since long before the pandemic – bring my lunch and have it in my car. The reason is that I am a vegetarian, it is not easy to find vegetarian menu from the nearest food court. Secondly I don’t like carrying my lunch box up while carrying a shoulder bag and my laptop. It is more simple to leave my much box in the car and have it there at lunch time.

One of the things we miss in our office.

The other thing that has changed in my office is the after office activity. We used to practice playing table tennis after office hour. We used to enjoy it so much. We have an inspiration room and in one end of the room, we have our table tennis.  We also had league for this as well. It was really fun. It was so good for releasing stress. And it has been closed since the pandemic began. We miss this a lot.

It releases our stress.

One thought on “What do you miss in your office?

  1. Thank You for sharing all what is happening in your work place. It is an Interesting description. I am from Sri Lanka and now Migrated and Living in Brisbane Australia as both my sons are settled down here. I am retired now and don’t work anymore. I have been an ESL (English as A Second Language) Tutor in TAFE (Technical And Further Education).
    Yes I also see so many changes the way people move around. Here in the shopping mall The Food Court was closed down for seating and then opened partly and right now it is functioning almost in a normal way. Still places are marked how many can sit, and also where we have to stand in line. I am wondering how much The world will change once all this is over. And when is it going to be over?
    I am interested in maintaining Good Health and have been working towards Mental Wellness and Stigma. And it has become even more Important issue now. I wish you Good Health and may Healing Energies come Your way. ❤ ❤ ❤

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