How I dealt with Covid-19

It has always been very CLEAR with me that this virus only infects the body, not the soul. The soul remains safe and courageous. I kept telling myself and everyone ‘I know this soul is very strong.’

I think this thought helped me a lot in dealing with the virus. My friend said that this is the power of thought.

I took the medicine and vitamins that prescribed by a doctor. I had my covid vaccine. I heard from many people that after having vaccinated someone may still get infected but with mild symptoms, like me. This also helped me in my recovery.

I could maintain a state of having no complaint, about my situation nor the virus. I always communicated to the virus with love ‘Virus, you may stay here but I need to make this body strong. You will be more comfortable when this body is strong.’ In this way,  I only allowed love fill my heart, including love for the virus. When there is love, there is no fear. In this way I remained fearless.

Actually people are not afraid of covid-19 but death. Because rarely people have prepared for their death.

We are afraid of death, not Covid-19.

I have one mission now, to inspire as many people as possible not to be afraid of covid-19 and stay courageous.

Would you join me?

19 thoughts on “How I dealt with Covid-19

      1. Thank you for leaving a comment here Coach Awang.

        Thinking of death may create fear for many people. Yet, death is something that is certain to come for everybody, young or old, sick or healthy, either through covid-19 or not. Better to prepare it now.

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  1. You are correct about how this virus, like any other sickness actually, only affects the body and not the soul. It’s the soul that gives us the fortitude to keep fighting to survive. Glad you are better, and I hope you keep on healing.

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  2. That you fell hook, line, and sinker for the propaganda shows how easy many are to be controlled. Another flu, and many start whining, blogging, and thinking deep thoughts.


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