Begin with why

I have noticed that for the last few years I have been hearing from friends that I should publish a book. After reading articles I wrote, a friend said to me ‘I want to see how far you will take this’. Another friend never stops encouraging me to write a book and publish it. I have been asking myself this question. Why do I have to write a book and publish it? for an approval? for a recognition? or for what? for myself? or for whom? So far, I haven’t got the answer and I don’t feel any urgency to do that till this moment. Before working on something, begin with why. I remember this advice. When the why is clear, you will carry it on more easily, and happily. I think I have been believing this.

Why do I have to write and publish a book?

A friend called me from far away last week, on Friday evening. He brought me a good news. He said that he just published his first book. I was happy for him. He also said to me that I was the one who inspired him finishing and publishing his book. He joined my journaling workshop a few years ago. So he called me to encourage me back to start thinking of publishing a book. I was not feeling any jealousy nor feeling less than him. I do not compare myself to anyone. I know myself quite well. So I congratulated him for what he has done.

Every time I think of publishing a book, I think of the long process of it, I might not be free to express my own idea in preparing a book for a publication but I need to consider what the readers want to read. I am not ready for this. I know I have a lot of ideas in my head to put in writing. Many of them are personal. Let me just process them. At the moment I think blogging accomodate my needs a lot. I don’t experience any pressure. I thank to myself for being consistent with this and I also thank to you, the readers.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Begin with why

  1. I’ve heard the same over the years, and I seriously considered it. Then as prep I started my blog. After a couple years, I realized my goal to be a ‘published author’ had been achieved through the blog. Not the same a book held in the hand, but my ‘why’ had been satisfied.

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  2. I think when you’re ready to write for publication, you’ll know. And also, a blog is a publication, in my opinion….so you’re already published in the way you want to be now!

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  3. I had about a year in life when poems just flowed through me without effort, I was never into poetry nor did I have any desire to write. But, I wrote them down and gathered so many that I decided, just for fun, to approach some publishers. To my amazement, one of them agreed to publish my first poetry book. There was never any ambition behind it, except the fun of putting it all together. It all happened by itself. As the best things tend to happen. 😊
    (Neither fame nor money followed, but I am glad to know they are out there)

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