Live the life you want

Is it possible to live without judgement? We are now living in a society where everybody is free to make any judgement on anyone and anything. You are free to have your opinion on someone or something and you are given enough room to express your opinion (judgement). You are free to leave your comment in their chat boxes. You have that freedom.

A friend showed me a video of someone doing a pole dance. I am not exposed to this dance so I never had any curiosity to know it, but I remembered one of my colleague learned it very long time ago. She liked it. It looks very difficult, more like acrobatic for me. I know how difficult it is to do it. So when my friend was showing me the video, I was amazed to the woman on the video, she was doing it really well, like a pro. She asked me my opinion about the video, about the woman. I said ‘it is good. She is doing it so well.’ Then she asked me if I didn’t see anything wrong. I said ‘No.’ I didn’t know the woman. I didn’t see anything wrong with her. A pole dancer wears a bikini costume. For some societies it is not considered to be polite to show it in public places. Well, social media is now considered as a public place because the public can see it. Finally she said ‘You are too positive.’ Probably she meant ‘too naive’.

I don’t see anything wrong.

My friend knows the woman on the video. She is a consultant on Human Resources. She didn’t expect her putting the video on social media.  This image may create judgment to some people, especially those who use her expertise in Human Resources. Everybody can have professional life also personal life. Both may be in line and may not be in line. We are free to choose anything we enjoy, just be aware that people may create their judgement on you and what you are doing. It is always like that. And at the end, it is your choice to let yourself be influenced by their judgement or not. I agree to this, always live the life you want, not based on people’s judgment.

7 thoughts on “Live the life you want

  1. Nothing wrong IMO either. This is a very athletic form of dance and minimal clothing is necessary. People just react to their own inner judgments and feel it is their right to share. Opinions can be shared, politely, but judging someone negatively is rarely welcomed!

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  2. Sometimes, Living with the judgments of others makes us have to think twice before posting something to social media. so we are not free to express ourselves. I agree that, as long as our posts don’t bring negativity to other people, we can ignore other people’s opinion. 😆

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  3. You are right, so many people are judgemental. The nicest thing anyone has said about me is that I’m non-judgemental and I try to live up to that. I am jealous of the lady on the pole! I have always wanted to try it but I know it’s not something I could do (I’m old lol) There is a place, where I live, that gives classes on pole dancing/exercising. It looks like great fun

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  4. I totally and absolutely resonate with your post. We neither have the authority to judge anyone, nor is there any need for it.
    You have a beautiful mind. You saw the beauty in the human being and the grace in her moves.
    Warm respect to you from my heart. It is people like you who make the world a better place. You aren’t naive.
    You are pure hearted. Never lose this goodness.🙏🏻🙏🏻😊

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