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A missing relationship

Relationship is very important in each one’s life. Since we were born we have been in a relationship. first is with our mom and dad, then with our siblings. Then with our extended family members. These relationships give us a feeling of being loved. Everyone needs love. For most people the source of love is family and friends. But for some reason, one or another relationship is missing. If someone asks me what is missing in me, I think I missed a relationship with my grand father. I remember when I was much much younger, every time we had a family gathering, my siblings shared stories of how much our grand father loved them. My grand father had died when I was too small. I don’t remember anything about him. I don’t have any memory of having a relationship with grand parents from both sides, from my father’s nor my mother’s.

Family and friends are sources of love for many of us.

What to do to complete this missing relationship? Well, time could not be repeated. What has gone is gone. those who have gone will never come back. Those relationships are bodily relationships. Anything about body is temporary. It has an end. Actually it is the soul that is searching an experience of a relationship. Build a permanent relationship with souls not bodies. A soul conscious-based relationship is a permanent one. God is the Supreme Soul. He is available for fulfilling any relationship you need. He opens His very big heart for you to experience His pure and unconditional love. Once you taste this love, your search will end. Whenever you are in a relationship, you give love, not seek love.

4 thoughts on “A missing relationship

  1. So beautifully written. We have such a gracious God. He loves us unconditionally. I know I am a visitor and this body will die and a beautiful spirit will take its place and live for eternity with God. Lovely post. Thank you. ❤️


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