The challenge of being single

A friend of mine visited me and stayed with me during weekend in my house. We hadn’t been in a contact for the last few years even before the pandemic. When I offered her a visit and stay with me during the weekend, she quickly agreed. She said “next weekend”. She was so excited. I was also excited to meet her again.
Understanding her situation being married and having two kids, I asked “Would it be okay with your husband and kids?” apparently her kids have now grown up. They are no longer kids. The first child is now a university student and her daughter is now at grade 12. They have that much understanding for  their mom. 

During her stay with me, both of us enjoyed our weekend together. We spent time together, chatting, going for an outdoor yoga, going for a morning walk and also cooking. I have been living alone in my little house.  She shared a lot about challenges she has been going through as a married woman and as a mother. I think spending sometime away from the family was quite a break for her.

She might have been observing me during her stay. She might be seeing the contrast between a marriage life and life of a single. I don’t see it. This observation might have led her to ask this question  ”What is the challenge of being single?”
To be honest I never thought about this. I didn’t know to response this question. When you never see any contrast of two different things, you won’t be questioning. You will consider everything happens in your life is what is supposed to happen and that is what you have to deal with. No questioning. With this attitude, you develop acceptance more quickly. When there is acceptance, you won’t consider something to be a challenge. A challenge means a problem to be solved. You will start focusing on solution, instead of problem.

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