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How creative are you?

Do you consider yourself as a creative person? To be creative person means to become one who creates artwork. To be honest I am not. I am aware I am not good at creating any artwork. I think I don’t  have that talent. I can spend hours putting my thoughts in writing, but it is not an artwork. It is not a poem nor an essay. It is just a journal. There is no beauty in it, probably a clarity.

I have a friend who is very talented in drawing. Her drawing is just amazing. It looks like a 3D object. It looks so real. Below is one of her drawings.

Another friend is very good at patchwork. She made dolls, pillows, masks, cloth bags etc. She is just amazing at it. Another friend is very passionate in making cookies and cakes. Another friend is very good at playing classical piano. She even teaches piano to kids. I have tried all of that but none was good. I think I don’t have the talent.

I remember we were preparing a public program and a friend who was very good at decoration she was making flowers arrangement. I always enjoy flowers. I thought I wanted to help her. I had no sense at all in this. I helped cutting the stems for her. I didn’t dare to put them into the vase. I just gave her an assistance.

A few weeks ago we were having a long holiday. I thought I would learn something during the holiday. I just chose to learn flower arrangement. Below is my first flower arrangement after knowing the technique of clustering and layering the flowers. It doesn’t look so bad. At least now I know a bit of how to arrange flowers in a vase.

4 thoughts on “How creative are you?

  1. 💜 Van Gogh cut of his ear and gifted it to a friend to demonstrate “creativity” to a gifted sceptical friend 😀 😄 😉 😊 😜 😁 😀 EveryOne; basically EveryBody, if YOU!!! Rely on Others to Validate YOUR!!! “Creativity” YOU!!! should probably be in a professional place like law, accountancy, medical et al where YOU!!! can express YOUR!!! “Creativity” from a Place of Comfort and Approval


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  2. We all have a creative spark inside of us.
    My creativity is in writing and I’m blessed to have a career in writing most of my adult life. But I also love art. Though I’ve sold a few pieces, I still see art as a hobby. Just have fun with creativity. You never know what may happen!

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