The hidden talent

I was so frustrated with my hairfall problem. It had created a mess on my pillow, bedsheet and also floor. Everytime I brush my hair, I had it stuck on the brush.

One evening after doing my exercise and I got my head and hair wet due to sweat and what I needed to do was to wash my hair. I dried my hair using a small sized towel. And suddenly I got an idea of cutting my hair. I never thought to cut my hair by myself before and I also have not even a bit of knowledge or theory of hair cutting. I took a scissor and cut it. It was very easy. I realized why if you go to a salon to get your hair cut, the hairdresser will wash it first and then do the cutting. It is very easy to cut it and perhaps also to style it.

I found out it was to short for the front part and not short enough for the back part. So I trimmed a little bit. My hair is bit weavy and curly at the end part, so it gives some volumes in styling. It turned out to be a completely new look. Someone said to me that it suits to my face shape. I felt good about it. And I didn’t think I need to go to the salon.

When I was in office the following day, everyone was supprissed to my new look. Noone knew that I have cut it by myself. During the first several days, noone expressed any disagrement to my new hairstyle. Till one morning, I had no time to wash my hair and rushed to the office. My hair looked a bit messy. For the whole morning my colleagues were so noisy talking about my hair. They bullied me. One of them asked me to go and find a professional hairdresser soon to fix my hair style. Most of the time I could manage myself to be relaxed while being bullied. Morever it was only about my hair style. Not something really serious.

I said to them ‘I think I have a hidden talent in hair cutting and haie styling. So let me just explore it for myself.’

We have been so open and sometimea also too honest to one another.


2 thoughts on “The hidden talent

  1. During the 1980s I used to tease my hair high, as that was the style for female “rocker chicks.” Many guys did the same thing. I asked one male friend, “How do you deal with people making fun of you?” He said, “I don’t mind because there will always be that one cool person who likes it!” To this day, I never forgot his wisdom. Do what you like, and don’t worry what others think. 🙂

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