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How to release emotions

It is advised that we should not hold any negative emotions. If you have anger and you keep it in your heart for a long time, what will happen? If you have guilt or regret and you nurture it in you for a long time, what will happen? If you have fear or worries and you hold it with you for a long time, what will happen? They will definitely create ‘dis-ease’.  Emotional disease and quite often they manivest into a physical disease also. It is so harmful to ourself (well being) and also to our body. I have heard many times that in many cases, anger manivests into cancer. It sounds very scary, doesn’t it?

To keep the emotion inside is to trap it inside you. Emotion is energy. Energy should flow. So to hold it is to prevent it from flowing. You need to let it out from you, you need to release it. Free yourself from any negative emotion.

How to release this energy? To release it means to express it out. It doesn’t mean that you need to project your anger, your hurt or your fear on someone. No. Don’t do that! There is more elegant way in doing it. And it is not harmful to anyone.

To let it out doesn’t mean that when you have anger, you express it out to people around you by shouting it out. When you express those emotion to people, it may create harm to others when they are not ready or strong enough, and many times they are not. It will become destructive instead. I find journaling is one of the ways to express it out. Write your feelings, write your emotions, write them out. It is very releasing. The energy is not trapped in ‘you’. It is flowing. It gives you a feeling of release. You feel so light in your mind and heart.

I know so many people are not comfortable in doing it. Many said to me that they were afraid of others reading their journal book. They were afraid of others knowing their feelings or emotions. I have doing it for a long time that I don’t mind people reading my journal book. I don’t mind people knowing my feelings even if it is very personal. I have this much courage. And this liberates me so much. It this the spirit (energy?) in me that is liberated. If I am not comfortable people knowing what I felt, I don’t think that I continue this blog till this far. When they are reading it, actually that feelings were not there anymore. It was released at the time of it being written or expressed. Why should I become worried when people know what was going on inside me? The emotion is gone.

If you can not be freely expressing your feelings and emotions through writing, then you can express it through drawing, doodling  or coloring. For this, you need be with yourself, just be with yourself. Start expressing the feelings out. Let your heart choose what shape to draw, you are free to draw any shapes or just lines….. let your heart pick the color and start putting the color on your drawing. Keep drawing and keep expressing. Keep releasing the trap and make the spirit inside free.

What feelings expressed in this? (This is taken from a fellow blogger)

Actually I have tried this second technique many times and I realized that I am not good enough at drawing. I remember when I was still in school, I was always nervous in the class of drawing. I can enjoy some nice drawing. They give me a feeling of joy, calmness or peace. I know some even can see the feeling of frustration and trauma by looking at the drawing.

Journal of the day

Nothing can go wrong


Do you have any talent in drawing? I remember when I was in my school days, drawing was not my favourite subject at all. I have not been very good at it. I think I don’t have any talent in drawing. I always become very amazed when I look at a beautiful painting or drawing. In my heart I said I wish I had this talent. Those people can express their feelings into very beautiful art works. I really appreciate it as well as envy.

Until last week a friend introduced me to a doodling art. I joined her workshop on doodling. I never heard it before. It was an online workshop via Zoom. Basically you just draw anything your heart wants to draw….any shapes in any colors. You don’t need to erase anything, you won’t make ‘any mistake’, just keep drawing. No worries.

We were given 20 minutes to draw with piano music played as a background. I really enjoyed it. I thought my drawing turned out really well. I felt so good. At the end of the workshop each one of us had to share our drawing and show it on camera.

Someone reluctantly showed his drawing and said “I don’t know what I drawed, I think it doesn’t make a sense”.

My friend said “It doesn’t have to make any sense. Nothing can go wrong in this” This words sound very liberating to me. It is liberating the soul. I wished I heard these words long ago.

Just let the soul express its feeling and emotion freely. You will feel really good about yourself through this doodling.

Thank you Soni.