How to silence the mind

Why is it very difficult to make the mind silent? The mind is not still. It keeps wandering from one thought to another thought. The heart is not experiencing peace. Peace is experienced when the mind is still. The body is still when the mind is still. We are now living in a very noisy world. The atmosphere has become so noisy. There is so much noise in the mind, an internal noise. A retreat might be required to silence the mind.

God doesn’t live in this noisy world. it is said that God lives in the abode of peace, where all the souls come from. He is always peaceful. God is in silence the most. Why? He understands everything. He can accept everything. He doesn’t need to ask anything. Human beings question a lot because they have many things that they don’t understand. What happens? Why something happens? How does it happen? When is it going to happen? These questions of what, why, how and when are constantly occupying our minds. The mind is constantly questioning. It definitely creates worries and fear in the heart. Until you have the right understanding of life fully, you will not experience a peaceful mind. Learn this from God. Learn how to silence the mind. Learn how to be peaceful.

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Working on Ego

A friend of mine texted me “congratulations on working on your ego” , after reading one of my posts in this blog. I was not so sure what he said congratulation for. I realised that most of my posts are of my own reflection. Sometimes I write something embarrassing such as a stupid mistake I made or when I am dealing with my ego.

When you start dealing with your own ego, you are actually working on the hurts, the ugly sides of yourself. Sometimes it creates a feeling of bossiness or arrogance. Sometimes it also creates feeling of fear, having no value, no importance, etc. Then we feel so embarrassed. It is really an uncomfortable feeling. This is why some people say it is too scary to see the self, because of having too many hurts and scars and being too ugly.

Then my friend said “It is so reflective. It has become your writing style.”

Journal of the day · Journey · Reflection

How to write a journal that heals

Someone has asked me how to write a journal and what to write. She said that her son wanted to start writing journal on his frustrating situation. I always share to everyone on how journaling has helped me so much, especially to heal my frustration. This has made me think of some aspects on journaling. I never learned how to write a proper journal. Basically when I am journaling, I just write what is in my heart and release the thoughts and the feelings I have in my mind and my heart. So I only could share based on my own experience.

I advised her to encourage him to write the situation that was frustrating him, as it is the background of his frustration. And then to write the feelings. And the last step is to write the expectation created in the mind before the situation happened. Because emotions in the form of anger, fear or sadness are usually caused by an unmet-expectation. You need to be very open and honest while you are journaling. Be open and honest to your self.

You will heal yourself very quickly when you do this.

Journal of the day · Journey · Reflection

The Wise Self

We have three personalities within us. The arrogant I, the depressed I and the real I. We keep in an oscillation between the arrogant I and the depressed I most of the time. One moment we might think “I am good. I am better than other people. I know better. I am more experienced…..” and the next moment we might think “I am not valued. I am not good enough. I can’t handle this situation. I am small. I am weak….”. We are fluctuating from high to low constantly.

Pause a moment. Can you listen a voice from within you? It might be very soft. But try to listen to it. When you need to make a very important decision, you might need to decide what to do or what not to do. There might be several choices. You might need a clarity at that moment. This voice is trying to give you clarity. It is trying to help you and guide you. This voice in fact is the real you, your conscience, the wise self. It always tells you the truth. Listen to it.

So when you write your journal, make sure that you are sitting on the seat of the real I. Write what she says to you. Let her speak to the arrogant you or the depressed you. She is your wise advisor.