Journal of the day · Reflection

An Angel

Do you believe that angel does exist on earth? Some people think that angels have wings. They can fly. Everyone love angels, because angels have very kind hearts. They have benevolent feelings for everyone. Those are some ideas of qualities that people have about angels.

Angels are in fact the qualities of human beings. No human beings will have wings to fly. To fly means to be light, to remain unaffected by the pull of the gravity down below. An angel always nurtures her mind with elevated and powerful awareness. It is called soul consciousness. So the gravity of the awarness of the body doesn’t pull the angel’s mind. It is the qualities of the enlightened souls. You can make effort to enlighten your soul and have those qualities and you become a living angel on earth.

Journal of the day · Reflection

The Energy Levels

You might have heard the different levels of energy of feelings. Each feeling has energy. They have different levels based on their frequency. The more positive the feeling, the higher the frequency. Because each energy resonates different frequency. Feeling of peace joy love and acceptance resonate high frequency. Feeling of ashame, guilt, fear and anger have low frequency. On the list of feelings vs. frequency, ashame is on the lowest and peace is on the highest.

You can notice for yourself how low or how high your energy level is. You might need to know how to stay high……yes, stay positive in your thoughts. Positive thoughts creates positive feelings. Positive feelings create positive energy. Choose to stay in peace as long as you want, because it makes your level remain very high.

When there is a feeling of ashame in you, you don’t like yourself. Do you realize for yourself that disliking the self is very destructive? Someone might become so reactive to people to cover this feeling. Anger then follows. How to deal with this negative feelings? Realization is the first step. When you realize it, only then you can start working on it.

Journal of the day · Journey · Reflection

You are the CEO of your life

If your life is a company, then you are the CEO. You only want to make profit for your company, not loss. You will hire professionals to create profit. They are those who will bring value to your company. They will contribute their best to your company. You will conduct a performance review annually. You give a good salary increment for the excellent performers, you promote them. On the contrary, you demote those who didn’t perform well. You even terminate them and release them from your company. You will only keep good people working with you.

Similarly, you need to evaluate the people in your life. Then promote, demote or terminate. You know those who bring value to your life and those who don’t. You know who contribute their best and those who bring loss. You are the CEO of your life.