Journal of the day

Decision Management

Each one of us is a decision maker. Everyday we make countless decisions. We decide what time to get up from bed, what first thing to do after getting up, what to have for our breakfast, what clothes to wear that day, which color of shoes, what time to leave home, whom to meet that day, what to talk, what to think ….etc. We always have choices in our decision making. At least two choices for each decision we make. The choices often become distraction in our mind. The more the choices, the longer we can decide. You might notice that among those choices are meaningless in front of our life goal. They don’t give an impact to our future. In every decision making everyone wants to make accurate one and quick one, so time and energy of thought are saved. For this, reduce making meaningless decision, don’t get distracted easily.

A few weeks ago I wanted to buy a high quality and comfortable pair of shoes. I went to a shopping mall with a friend. I had in my mind the brand and the color of the shoes. Black. Classic one. We went straight to the section of the brand and I quickly got what I wanted. A very quick decision making. My friend said that I should buy another color for a variety reason. I kept hearing from her ‘This one is so cute’. And I kept saying ‘no’  in my mind. It was like an internal battle in my head whether to stick to my choice or to follow her suggestion. I think I won the battle. 😊

Reduce making meaningless decisions. Be very clear with what matters in your life. Remind yourself again and again what you really want in life. In this way you will stay focused on your goal and not easily get distracted.