When the war doesn’t stop

No one likes war. Many people are suffering due to a war. Thousands people have left their homes for safety. Thousands people become refugees.

Only a few days after the invasion someone shared to me an invitation for a global meditation for Ukraine. The program was organized from Kyiv. It was a non-stop program for a few days where everybody from all corners of the globe could share their good feelings to souls who were suffering. Being in that ZOOM meeting I felt that we are one big family. We are brothers. The globe is one big house for all of us. We could feel the suffering. We were empowering them with our good wishes and pure feelings. A world map with Ukraine in a spotlight was being shared on the screen during the session. Many of us might never been in this country, we might have no idea where Ukraine is, but in soul level I could feel the connection. I could feel the vibration. We still can share our pure feelings and vibration to the souls there. Your contribution will never miss. No physical power can stop this giving and taking. Not guns nor missile. So keep sending. Keep giving.

Can you feel that you are sharing the same feeling with them?

The other day when I just opened my mobile phone the first message in that day I received was from my good friend. It said “I truly hope that we can hear war stop news today.” He might have been reading news about the war a lot. Many of us can not stop the war. Only a few people can do it, if they have the intention.

The war is still going on till today, more and more people are suffering. Don’t lose hope, there is still something we can do – keep sending good wishes for everybody. Although we are miles away from one another but we can still share the same thought.


The Mother Earth

Whom would you remember in time of panic? Whom would you call to talk to in time of emergency?

Only yesterday evening an earthquake of 6.7 magnitudo struck Jakarta. I was in the office, on 23rd floor. As soon as we realized that the building was swaying, I saw my colleague rushing back from the meeting room holding her laptop. She and the other colleagues then took their bags and belongings and made themselves ready to get down. We were all in panic.

The Mother Earth is searching for its balance.

I said to them to stay, remain seated and not get down because the building was still swaying. It took a few seconds. Those few seconds was felt to be so long. We could feel the building was swaying. I remember I was calling ‘Oh God!’. I pushed my chair back to a pillar behind me. I then leaned the chair to that pillar. I remained seated and silent. I tried to recall what to do for a safety. I didn’t have much time to think and decide. I remembered that pillar was one of the strong parts of a building.

Very soon I saw everyone in the room was holding their smartphones and their eyes were looking at the screen, they might be searching for information of the earthquake. One of my colleague who was sitting next to me tried to call her kid at home to make sure that he was safe. Looking this scene in front of me, I said to everyone ‘Remember God, remember God!’ My colleague said ‘Yes, I am praying. I am remembering Him.’ She might be remembering God while remembering her family member (her kid).

During that moment, I remembered God and the earth. The earth was searching its balance. It was shaking and we call it an earth quake. I reminded myself of how much the earth has been supporting and giving life to me. It is just rightly to call it the mother earth. We owe so much to the mother earth.  It is very obvious that we have to serve the earth. We have to help the mother earth. But how could we do it?

When the swaying stopped, I packed my stuff and my laptop and I went down to the lobby of the building. I saw many people were already there in the essamble point. I continued to keep the mother earth in my awarness. I was sending my good wishes for her.