Journal of the day

Stop Comparing

I think many of us have got used to comparing. We compare our achievement to others’. We compare our success to others’. We compare our life to others’. We also compare our failure to others’.

To compare is to see the differences. Seeing the differences, we may feel better or insecured.

Very recently in a discussion someone asked me a question. At the moment we hear and see people who are in war are suffering. Many lives have changed completely at a sudden.

They lost their homes, suddenly they became refugees. They lost their loved ones, they lost everything. Thinking about this, is it okay to compare their condition and ours? I am grateful that we are not suffering like them. I can lead a life I want. He said.

I don’t think that we should compare in this way either. Seeing their suffering, we develop compassion for them. We bring them in our prayers. We send them good wishes. We support them. But we should not be influenced. We need to stay strong ourselves only then we can keep our compassion for them.

Each one of us will also have our own challenge, struggle and battle in life, probably not in exact the same situation. If not in war, natural calamity, accident, death or in so many different situations. If not now, probably later. You have to make sure that you will win your own battle.

We will never become great because others are suffering. We never become happy because others are in pain. We will never look successful because others are not.

See their suffering as a reality in life. Stay strong and not influenced. When you have to deal your own struggle, you will remain very strong.

I don’t think that we need to compare our life to anyone’s. Each one life is a different one. Each one of us have our own journey, we have our own struggle, our own failure and also success.

In life we are not in a race with anyone.