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Don’t take sorrow

You might have heard many times an advice from people not to give sorrow to anyone. To give sorrow means to do things that makes other unhappy. But you might never have heard an advice not to take sorrow. Are we taking sorrow? How do we take sorrow?

If someone gives a negative comment on what you have been doing and you listen to it and you start being influenced by it and you become unhappy, then you might consider yourself to stop doing it because of this negative comment. It is then that you are taking sorrow. You let other people control you (your feelings). They are not responsible for your feelings.

Whatever you do, reactive people will always have negative comment on it. This kind of people are around us (in our contacts). They become unhappy seeing you moving forward. Don’t listen to it and don’t take it personally. Just keep doing what is good for you. Remember whatever you are doing is for yourself.

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A self-reminder

Many times I have received a response or comment from readers of this blog ‘thank you for the post. It is such a timely reminder for me’. If you are a blogger like me, what do you feel when you have that comment from your reader? Yes, you surely become happy. Your post has a benefit for others. It might relate to her or his situation. It might give a little bit clarity for someone. It might be a ray of light and hope for someone.

To be honest, every post in this blog is a self-reminder. It is myself who is reminded.

Journal of the day · Journey

Travelling Solo

Every time I am telling my friends how I enjoyed my solo traveling, they become amazed. How can you enjoy just being alone? They ask. I always encourage everyone I meet to take a solo traveling. Enjoy yourself. Some have their own situation that becomes the reason why they can’t do it. A friend said to me “It sounds so enjoyable. Probably I can do it when my daughter has grown up.”

When you are traveling solo, you have 100% control of the decision on where to go, when to go, how to get there and what to do. You have complete freedom to choose your own agenda of your traveling.

Most people (at least people I know) enjoy shopping and culinary when they are travelling. Frankly speaking, I don’t enjoy both. In fact I enjoy what is in my mind. I am busy with my own thoughts while travelling. I am busy with ideas to write. Probably it gives me more experience for the soul.

Journey · Reflection

Time Management

In time management it is advised that we need to prioritise. We might have so much to do in our limited time. Time is one of our resources and it is always limited. To prioritise, we have to know what is important and what is urgent. Then the 4 quadrants are created; important urgent, important not urgent, not important urgent and not important not urgent. You might have heard this many times. But how far have you succeeded in your time management?

Do you know what is important that you really need to focus on? It is to know what is really important for your career, your happiness, your future, your family and your life. You might really need to ask this question to yourself. If you do not know, no one else will know it. This is the first step to manage your time. If we are not clear enough with what is important and what is not important, we will become less focused. Only when you know what is important for your life, you then can decide in which area you have to invest your time, thought, energy and money. Time, thought, energy and money are your treasures. All are limited. Never waste your treasure. Use it in a worth while way.

I feel time passes so fast. We can not control time, we can not save time either. We don’t manage time. We manage what is important for our life before time passes.

Journal of the day · Reflection

A prayer

A friend asked me how to pray. It has nothing to do with any religious practice. She asked specifically of how to pray for those who are suffering, such as victims of natural calamities that happened very far away from where she lives. She had the empathy, but she was not sure what to say in her mind while praying.

A prayer is basically having good wishes. It is not limited by any word or any language. You don’t need to worry about what to say in your mind. Just have a thought in your mind. You know how to have a thought, don’t you? You might wish those people strength, you hold that thought of being strong in you. You might wish those people calmness, you hold the thought of being calm in you. You might wish those people patience, you hold that thought of being patient in you. You hold that strength, calmness and patience in your own heart. Your heart generates those powerful feelings. The longer you hold, the more powerful the feelings become. Whatever good wishes you have for anyone, you experience those wishes for yourself first. This is how you send good wishes to those souls. It doesn’t matter how far the distance, your good wishes will surely reach those souls.

Journal of the day · Journey · Reflection

A Vacation

What does a vacation mean for you? How often do you need for a vacation?
For some vacation is to visit a good place, enjoy being there in that place for a few days. Enjoy eating good food. For some vacation is a quality time with the family or friends. Quality time usually means time for relax and for fun. For some a vacation means time for a break from the routine. For most of the people the focus is more on the external. What they can experience from the external.

Vacation for me is time for the self. Just be with the self. Vacation is the pause button. The rest of the time you might have been dealing with people, family, colleagues, bosses, clients, customers, friends etc. Vacation is time to deal with the self. To talk to the self to know what the self really wants. To know the self better.

I enjoy the company of friends and having fun with them also. But it is definitely in a separate occasion.

Journey · Reflection

Learn and Reflect

Someone asked me where I get the inspiration to write. It is an interesting question. Everyone of us might have learned a lot. You might have read so many books, listened to so many people, attended so many workshops and seminars and trainings. What do you do after knowing all the informations? Do you relearn for what you have undertstood? Do you take take time to reflect for yourself? To reflect means change the information into knowledge. To practice means to make it into your own experience and into wisdom and to repeat the practice means to make it into a habit.

Many people learn and not reflect. I do both.