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Healing the Self

Do you need healing? Can you do self-healing? Everyone in the world now is in pain mentally, emotionally or physically. Everyone needs healing. God is the Greatest Healer. He can teach you how to heal yourself. He has the purest healing energy. If you can connect yourself to His energy then you can draw it for yourself and heal yourself.

God is spirit and you are also a spirit. You need to keep the awareness of being a spirit not a body to get the connection with Him. Being a spirit means being eternal, being unlimited. Being in the awareness of a body is being limited, being temporary and being fragile. You need to remain in the awareness of being a spirit and draw His energy……the healing energy from Him. God is constantly and eternally a spirit. He never has a body of His own so He never has the experience of being trapped in the consciousness of being a body, unlike us.

Journey · Reflection

A time in darkness

There will be a time when souls are in a great confusion. When they are so weak. They might feel as if having no support. They don’t see any clarity about anything happening around them, in the world. The world outside seems so chaotic to them, in people and also in nature. They are experiencing extreme suffering. They are in sorrow. They are wondering what is happening next? They are looking for a support, but they can’t find it. They are in complete darkness. They need a light. They want to see a light.

They will see His light through you, the enlightened soul. You are a soul who is giving hope. You will become the image of the one who is showing the way back. They will then see the path more clearly. They will find their way….

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Avocado toast lesson

Last week I was on a business trip to Timor island. I should say it is the land of avocados, because this land grows very good quality of avocados. I enjoyed avocado toast for my breakfast. The first morning breakfast was good in the restaurant of the hotel. The hotel didn’t have many guests, so I could enjoy my breakfast. On the second day, I was a bit disturbed. A group of people had come to the hotel the night before. Later I found out they are the wives of diplomats, so they came from different countries. We had our breakfast at the same time. I was ready with my avocado for the toast. I put my avocado on the table and went to the toast station to prepare my toast. A lady was approaching me and telling me that I could not have any toast because the toast was provided only for the group. She seemed to be the group leader. I was a bit shocked by this explanation. It didn’t happen the day before and everybody could enjoy whatever was served. I searched for the hotel manager to get it clarified. I asked the manager if I could have toast or not. The hotel manager said ‘Sure!’ He then went into the kitchen and brought a big package of bread for everyone.

What do you think happened in my mind and my heart while having my toast on the table where the group of the ladies were having their toast on the next table? My mind was very chaotic. My heart got hurt. I noticed angry and defensive thoughts in my mind. I thought I should stand up and talk to the lady that what she told me was not right. I wanted to get back at her. But I decided not to do that. I observed my self inside instead. I watched what was happening inside me. I thought it was more important for me to take care of my mind and my heart than allowing myself to get emotional by the situation and anybody out there. It might make the situation worse, both internally and externally. In that way I settled my own internal chaos.

Journey · Reflection

Become bodiless

You might feel that you are more than your physical body. You are a spirit occupying the body. You are the one who is thinking, who is experiencing and the one who creates the feeling. The body surely will be getting sick, getting older, getting weaker and it surely will die but the spirit won’t. The spirit is immortal and eternal. The spirit is the real you.

The more you are body conscious, the less powers you have ……less courage, less happiness, less love, less clarity. Is it possible to experience bodiless while remaining in the body? You will not die, of course. A soul is a very tiny point of light. It can not be seen through the physical eyes. Nothing can do any harm to the soul in fact. Something may happen to your body, but the soul will remain safe. If you keep this awareness, you will experience yourself being so detached to the body….you feel very light and not easily influenced by situations or people. You feel yourself stronger inside to face any challenge in life. You develop courage. You experience yourself bodiless in your awareness.

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Be honest to God

Why shouldn’t you be honest to God? There is no point in not being honest to God. He is your Father (Father of all souls). He probably knows you better than yourself. He is the One who created you. He is your Teacher and your Guide. How can you not be honest to Him? If you can be honest with the self, you can easily be honest with God. Or are you not honest with the self either? He can help you if you are honest with Him. He loves an honest heart. Or do you think that you are not worthy to become His child? Probably you have done so many wrong actions in the past and also now? But God will always forgive you. He is a gentle Father and gentle Teacher. He knows your mischievousness anyway. Just be open to Him and let Him help you to claim your self-sovereignty again. Of course He knows your mistakes but He doesn’t hold them against you. He sees your perfect future state instead. Why are you worrying so much and hiding your true self in your heart?

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You are the master

The power of a soul is always subtle. Because a soul is a spirit. It is always incognito and it is you. The power of the soul is the power of the mind, the power of the intellect and the heart. The power is calm, clean and pure – this is when the mind is said to be powerful. When the intellect is clear, then it can understand the truth very well and have clarity. It is then said to be a sharp intellect. When the soul experiences the truth, then the heart will become full of love and power. The heart is strong inside, not weak. Yet the heart is very gentle, because it experiences pure love from God.

When you have a clean mind, clear intellect and powerful loving heart, you can make your sense organs be under your control. They will not become mischievous and they will follow your order. They will only listen to you, the master. You are the master of your sense organs. You need to be aware of your subtle power. You really need to work in the inside to become a master.

Journal of the day · Journey · Reflection

A water bottle

This is a story of a water bottle. Not a big deal, just a water bottle. I have been in a retreat for the last two weeks. The program has been very packed from 4 am till 10 pm. The venues have been also in separated places and buildings. The weather is so warm here and we always need water to keep ourselves hydrated. For this we need to carry our water bottle with us. My Brazilian friend was almost screaming, realising that she had left her water bottle somewhere. She lost it. Remembering myself being in the same situation two years ago, curiously I asked her: ‘Do you experience any loss here (in the heart)?’ To my surprise she replied : ‘No!’

I then shared my story to her that I experienced a huge loss when I lost my water bottle. I had left it in the hall where we had a morning session and I only remembered it after I finished my breakfast. I ran to the hall and tried to find my water bottle, but the hall had been cleared up. So I lost it. I also remembered how I consoled myself for the feeling of loss. I talked to the poor me inside ‘It’s OK. We can find another one for you, it is not expensive and not something difficult to get. You can always use another bottle.’ It took time to make myself calm and be able to accept it. I felt like there was a cranky little child inside that I needed to take care of, and it was my heart.

The feeling of loss is always created by attachment to an object, an idea or an expectation (in my case this particular water bottle). If there is no attachment in the first place, there will never be the feeling of loss.

Congratulations Fatima!