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Nothing can go wrong


Do you have any talent in drawing? I remember when I was in my school days, drawing was not my favourite subject at all. I have not been very good at it. I think I don’t have any talent in drawing. I always become very amazed when I look at a beautiful painting or drawing. In my heart I said I wish I had this talent. Those people can express their feelings into very beautiful art works. I really appreciate it as well as envy.

Until last week a friend introduced me to a doodling art. I joined her workshop on doodling. I never heard it before. It was an online workshop via Zoom. Basically you just draw anything your heart wants to draw….any shapes in any colors. You don’t need to erase anything, you won’t make ‘any mistake’, just keep drawing. No worries.

We were given 20 minutes to draw with piano music played as a background. I really enjoyed it. I thought my drawing turned out really well. I felt so good. At the end of the workshop each one of us had to share our drawing and show it on camera.

Someone reluctantly showed his drawing and said “I don’t know what I drawed, I think it doesn’t make a sense”.

My friend said “It doesn’t have to make any sense. Nothing can go wrong in this” This words sound very liberating to me. It is liberating the soul. I wished I heard these words long ago.

Just let the soul express its feeling and emotion freely. You will feel really good about yourself through this doodling.

Thank you Soni.

14 thoughts on “Nothing can go wrong

  1. Had you heard those words, long ago, you may not have been ready to truly “hear” them. You have heard them now and they touch your heart. It is perfect then. Happy for you!!

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    1. I might have heard them before but the the words of “I am not very good at drawing. My drawing is awful. People will judge my drawing badly. Other people draw much better than me.” All these words were heard more. 😊

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  2. As someone who majored in illustration in art college I can tell you drawing is like so many other things … it takes practice. I saw many improve with practice. It is not just something you are born with! People get too frustrated if their initial attempts aren’t masterpieces they can show off! You wouldn’t pick up a violin one day and have a solo concert the next. It’s the same. I imagine doodling can be very therapeutic and especially when done with music.

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  3. I’m a doodler and find it helps me concentrate while listening to a class or an audiobook and such. Glad you enjoyed it. Works sometimes with restless kids as well I believe.

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