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Never make a joke with God

Orange has become my favorite fruit for many years. Any types of oranges. I have the reason why I like oranges very much. I have been saved from having flu or sore throat by having oranges. As soon as I got the symptom of flu or sore throat immediately I had oranges in quite big amount, then usually the symptoms were gone. This became my advice to people, to take orange for their flu. I remember many times I told people jokingly that I believed in oranges more than I believed in God.

A few months ago I got a very bad sore throat and fever. I then took oranges. I thought I needed to see a doctor because it was not getting better. After taking antibiotics, the sore throat was getting better, but on the third day I started losing my voice. I had to deliver trainings, so I had to speak. I didn’t recognize my voice. My voice was getting worse for almost 2 weeks. I had to cancel my business trip due to this.

I remember a few days before I got that very bad flu, I said that same words again to someone while we were enjoying our fresh orange juice during breakfast. Perhaps God doesn’t like it. I was joking and He took it seriously. Don’t make a joke with God. It was really bad.

3 thoughts on “Never make a joke with God

  1. I think God has His serous moments for sure! He will use all sorts of different ways to teach us things. I have even seen funny teachable moments! He has a humorous side at times. 🤗 I love oranges, but cannot eat them. They give me an allergic reaction.


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