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Desire vs. Aim

We had a little discussion on desire. Desire is always the cause of problem in human life. It seems desire is endless. One desire is fulfilled will be followed by another desire, then another desire. It is never ending. The heart will never experience contentment when it has any desire unfulfilled.

Supposed you just bought the latest model of gadget or camera that you really wanted to have. You were very excited. But how long does the excitement last? This feeling of being fulfilled won’t last very long, because soon after that you might already have another desire to be fulfilled. The heart won’t really become full by having this temporary fulfillment. The heart is not contented. A discontented heart won’t experience fullness (peace and happiness).

It says “conquer your desire if you want to have a peaceful and contented life”. Then someone asked ‘what does life look like by not having any desire?’ Someone might say that life without having any desire would be plain and not exciting. It is not called a life.

Not having desire is not similar to not having aim. An aim of life is usually much bigger than a desire. It is more a long term goal. Having aim in life makes you enthusiastic, it makes you feel excited, it makes your life even more alive. You have something to pursue. To have aim in life is to have a goal to achieve. You need to work on it. When you can achieve it it is called an achievement not a fulfillment. The feeling is different. The energy is different.

2 thoughts on “Desire vs. Aim

  1. Sometimes to have a desire, or even an aim, is to limit oneself to other possibilities. If you are concentrating so hard at achieving an aim or fulfilling a desire, you miss out on an opportunity to accomplish or at least experience something completely unexpected and unforeseen. To me it is always good to keep oneself open to new opportunities, or even old ones you missed before. Keep your options open.
    Meanwhile, desires are usually a product of the ego. Do you really need to fulfill a desire? Sure, it is nice to do, but does it really help your life? Desires often centre around relationships. Wouldn’t I be lucky if I were going out with him or her? But do you actually know that person? Are they real, or just a pretty shadow? Do they have respect for you and your friends? Or do they just want to own you, or you own them? Desires often make no sense. Not what or who do you desire, but why do you desire? Ego will give you a lot of reasons, but are they honest? It is good to find out.
    As for aims, or purposes, how long have you wanted to do or be someone or something? You are forever changing. Are you holding on to an old aim, or is it one that you are not so sure of anymore? Will achieving that aim make you happy? However old you are, you are going to change. Who will you be when you achieve that aim? Will achievement accomplish what you wanted when you decided to try for it? Setting goals can give you purpose, but be open to change. Some opportunities are not easy to see.
    (Dear SotH, this seems to be safe ground. With your permission I will explore your blog, and comment as I find the inspiration, if I may.)

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