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Collecting Pictures

What do people collect from a trip? Experience or memories basically. Nowadays wherever people are going since they always carry smartphones with them, so they always take pictures. People collect pictures a lot in their smart phones while traveling and on their day to day life also. Everyone loves taking pictures and collecting pictures.

I was in a trip very recently. We were on a boat to Mt. Rigi in Switzerland. I was sitting next to a couple from Hongkong. We were sitting inside the boat on the first floor. As soon as everyone entered the boat, I noticed that everyone started taking pictures using each one’s smart phone, including the lady sitting next to me and including me. I reminded myself to enjoy the trip by enjoying the scenery and the atmosphere not busily taking pictures and missing the moments. So I did’t take many pictures.

When the lady was settling down next to me, she started scrolling the screen of her camera. She showed me pictures of their trip in several places in France. Beautiful pictures! Keeping photos is a good way to store the beautiful memories. And nowadays it is very easy. It doesn’t need ‘a space’ to keep. It only needs a space in your computer or gadget. I asked her “For how long will you keep the pictures with you?” She said “May be a life time”.

4 thoughts on “Collecting Pictures

  1. I like taking pictures and looking at them later but, some things are meant to be experienced with full awareness and emotion. That cannot always be captured in a photograph. Sometimes we have to put the camera away and just live with the experience as it happens. No one can take those memories from us. We can’t lose them if we lose our phone. They will always be with us.

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  2. Hello,

    One day a group of German visited Indonesia for two weeks. I was been tour organizer to assist some trips. They were rare to addict making photos this and that so we are Asian people. When I asked one of them, he said that collect memories on mind was important than photos. Heh! I was surprised. But they were so curious and definitely detailed to observe in every place where visited. Awesome!


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